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river view showing crocodiles
tuli farm sheds
islet in river
tuli farm river bank house b front view
enclosed shed
tuli farm river bank house a
close up of river view showing crocodiles

Croc watch on Limpopo

Sit and watch the crocodiles laze on the banks and islands of the Limpopo river. Hippos and elephants visit. Marvellous bird watching. Frehold title in the Tuli block. Many buildings, include 2 (of the 4) houses which are built on the river bank, which can be converted into game lodges / tourist accommodation.  The portion of the 3,500 hectares bordering on river is game fenced. Presently used for cattle ranch. Also included in sale is 6 point pivot, water reservoir and electricity for irrigation. Asking price of BWP 11.7 million converts (roughly) to ZAR 13.5 million or USD 1.72 million or Euro 1.2 million or GBP 1.1 million. To asking price must be added VAT to Botswana government; 30% by non citizens and 5% by citizens. Apart from eco-tourism game farming, the farm could also be used as a commercial cattle or ostrich farm and/or vegetables or other crops can be grown under irrigation on 50 ha covered by 6 point pivot. Electricity supply to all buildings. 5 boreholes, sheds, offices and staff housing. This farm needs an injection of enthusiasm, by a visionary with money to implement his/her plans. If this sounds like you, then please contact Annemare at
tel +27 823776676
fax +27 865708319

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