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FARM: undeveloped Farm for Sale Botswana

Farm: Undeveloped Farm for sale in Botswana! HUGE potential for Game farming/ Lodging even cattle farmingSize:  8km x 8kmLocation:
The Farm is situated West from the amazing Okavango Delta and
Shakawe town and 4km south of the Impressive Namacere Depression. And
also close by (40km) from Tsidillo Hills which is a well known landmark
and tourist attraction in Botswana. The closest town is Shakawe which is
+ - 100km where there is a government clinic, grocery stores, petrol
filling stations and vehicle work shops. Road to farm is in good
condition (Gravel road).Water: 
There is +-15meter well on Farm, with shallow water.  Water is strong
and available with no doubt. There are also beautiful small scattered
pans on the farm, where in the raining season are full and elephant’s
bath and game roam. The average rainfall is approx. 560mm per annum.Discription:Untouched,
untamed Wilderness farm for sale. This farm has a high potential for a
game farm and lodging area. Nature lovers will enjoy the area's
biodiversity, with Thornveld and majestic Acacia trees complementing
extensive grasslands which mirror the plains of Africa.The
typography varies from lovely bushveld with open areas and natural pans
with plenty big trees such as Leadwood /Acacia and Mopani trees, which
form the perfect African sunset over the horizon. This area has above
average rainfall which makes it unique and also increases the carrying
capacity. Here on this exceptional piece of land we have elephants
visiting on a regular basis as well as leopards with lots of other free
roaming antelope like Eland, Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala, Zebra, Ostrich,
Jackal, Duiker, Steenbok, Springbok etc. Rediscover the real African
Nature, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and money will be well
spent. The land is lease hold for 99 years.CONTACT: lilliebekker@gmail.com / bekker.hendrik@yahoo.com: Call: 73 675 111 Price:    Pula 3.5 mill (excl all VAT and governmental levies should it be payable) Neg.

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