Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve in Tuli

Limpopo-Lipadi Vision

Our vision is to develop a world class game reserve with a
sustainable balance between conservation, community and commerce in order to
leave a conservation legacy in Botswana for the next generation.

We focus on breeding of endangered species and at the same time
provide education, jobs and opportunities for the local communities, while we
as owners explore, preserve and participate in the reserve development as and
when our time allows. As a secondary benefit our investment grows in value as
the reserve grows in stature.

So we are proposing an alternative model to sole game reserve
ownership, where we are inviting keen conservationists/safari lovers/wildlife enthusiasts
to purchase shares in a private game reserve which plays a significant role in nature
conservation in Botswana.Shareholders own shares in a public Botswana company which
purchased 17,286 hectares (freehold/ full title) in 2006. Limpopo-Lipadi’s humble beginnings as a "breeding
basket" for endangered species is bearing fruit. We started with a
breeding program for white rhino in 2007 (Only about 100 white rhino left in
Botswana and lately there is a huge poaching surge in SA). Our first rhino calf
was born on 9 April 2011, probably the first to be born and still alive in Tuli
since the early 1900s. This is a significant step forward to accomplish the
legacy we want to leave.In August 2008 we were asked by Botswana Wildlife to adopt 9 wild
dog puppies whose parents have been poached and reintroduce them back to the
bush. We are excited that they have been successfully trained and released to
do their own hunting, since May 2010. We also bonded them with another pack and
so they had their first litter of 7 puppies around 20 April 2011. A second
generation that would not have been there if we were not able to help save
them. The goal is to work with other breeding projects in Botswana to
re-establish endangered species firstly in the Tuli block and then further in

One share (Gold membership) would give you access to any of the
shareholder lodges, camps, rangers and Landcruisers as often per year as you can visit and five shares
(Diamond membership) gives you the option to build your own lodge on the
Limpopo River

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